Do you want to learn self defense but don't have the time to devote to Martial Arts? 

Personal Defense Connection can help.

Our class members learn how to use their own natural body weapons, and/or self defense weapons, to defend themselves.

We also teach Threat Awareness Skills to help avoid dangerous situations, as well as Defensive Mindset Skills to increase confidence.

Awareness. Confidence. Self Defense.

Empower yourself with skills that will help you avoid dangerous situations. Boost your confidence. Learn how to defend yourself if you are attacked. 

  • Learn Threat Awareness Skills

  • Learn Defensive Mindset Skills

  • Learn Self Defense Tactics and Techniques

  • Learn Armed Self Defense Skills (Handgun, Pepper Spray, Knives, Kubotans)

  • Get your Michigan CPL (Concealed Pistol License)

You have the right to defend yourself, your family members, and others, from personal attacks. 

Whether you're interested in defending yourself with a handgun or other weapons, or your own natural body weapons, Personal Defense Connection can give you the skills.

Check out our blog for Self Defense Tips and Advice, Defensive Skills, Threat Awareness Tips, Home Safety Tips, Threat Awareness Advice and other great keep-you-safer stuff.

Two Gift Bags with the Personal Defense Connection logo on them to put Gift Cards in.

Give the gift of Threat Awareness and Self Defense Skills to a family member or friend.

Contact us to schedule private lessons for any of our available programs, including our Michigan CPL Handgun Course!

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